Maintenance Free Resin Exterior Lighting



Our range of Resin/Polycarbonate exterior lighting products are manufactured from a shock proof Resin materials which is both UV stable, rust and corrosion proof. The extremely durable fittings are suitable for almost all outdoor lighting applications including Marine and coastal installations.

All light fittings in this range are fully double insulated and have excellent IP protection. Being double insulated means that no earth protection is required. A quick wipe over with a fine machine oil will keep the lights looking like new and in pristine condition.

This comprehensive range of lighting is suitable for all aspects of garden and landscape lighting and can be used to replace other standard light fittings using conventional wiring systems, however, this complete range can be incorporated into the Easy Connect lighting system. This is achieved by using the class II adapter model 66020 which is simple to connect just two wires. The combination of our Resin range plus Easy connect makes an ideal garden lighting project for any competent person.


A comprehensive range of products is available throughout the range