Classical Statues In Stone Marble Bronze and Iron

Our quality classical statues and Busts are available in a choice of various materials such as Cast Bronze, Cast Iron, Reconstructed Stone and Marble

The range of garden statuary offered within this section incorporates many special pieces of Sculpture which includes some of the world’s most recognised works of art.

Each piece thoroughly researched and studied, many with negotiations with major museums such as the Louvre in Paris, the Musco Nazional del Bargello in Florence, and the Musei Vaticani in Rome. Works of art produced by Giambologna, Jocopo Sansovina and Bernini to name a few have been skilfully replicated. Such classics as "The Rape of the Sabine’s" statue is available in both Cast Carrara Marble and Bronze. Mercury The messenger of the Gods is available in Bronze and Spinario, the Boy the Thorn is available in both Bronze and Marble.

The range of Classical Statues also present at present number some 20 Busts and Sculptures also available in both Castcarrara Marble and Bronze.

The quality represented within this range of these statue’s is illustrated by the degree and clear intense study of Classical Art History to which each of the Sculptures have been developed and produced here in the UK.

These sculptures are not just attractive garden statues but also offer excellent investment and offer a continuing legacy for our future generations.