Caesar Augustus Classical Bust




The Classical Bust of Caesar Augustus is shown with his hair carefully arrange at the fringe and dressed in ceremonious military clothing.

Caesar Augustus was considered the first Roman Emperor and a great military commander.

The Bas relief on the Bust's Armour depicts scenes of his many military victories and shows a humiliated enemy returning the Roman standard. It also shows many of the Roman deities, including Mars, the god of war.

Caesar Augustus Classical Bust stands 825 mm high and is shown on Knightsbridge Fluted Pedestal(sold separately)

Please choose from Portland, Cotswold or Bath stone.

Please allow 3/6 weeks for production. Unfortunately do to the nature of this product we cannot provide the item with free delivery, the price shown is the ex-factory price. We are more than pleased to arrange delivery to site but please contact us do that we can establish the most competitive price.

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