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Cast iron lighting column (shape and textures obtained by traditional moulding techniques.

Please note that lanterns and column brackets are to be ordered separately.

Fixing : 4 J Bolts Ø 18 mm.

Centredistance : 377 * 377 mm.

Luminaire mounting heights (top mount) : 2.85 m, 3.30 m, 3.85 m and 4.85 m.

Luminaire fixings : Ø 60 mm, Ø 27 bsp or Ø 34 bsp.

Finishes : treatment by metalization. Polyester powder paint.



Fixing: 4 bolts Ø JT 14 mm on Ø 210 mm.

Luminaire mounting heights (top mount): 2.04 m, 2.49 m and 3.04 m.

Full technical details available on request

Product CodeGHMPAR