Easy Connect FX900 Wireless Control Box with Multi Function Remote Control Fob



The FX900 Wireless Control box is suitable for use with Easy Connect and Atelier dimmable LED lamps (Excludes non-replaceable Easy Connect LED lamp sources fitted within Deck lights and Halogen lamps)

The receiver is designed for outdoor usage and will tolerate humidity, rain, and sprayed water. The unit must be connected to a 230v electrical network which is fitted or equipped with a 30mA differential power breaker. When fitted outdoors the product must be connected to a socket protected against water spray(IPX4)

The controller is not compatible with compact fluorescent lamps, Halogen, light animation or dimmer devices, 12v or 24v transformers.

Technical Characteristics of the Control Box

Maximum Load: 900w

Usage: Indoor and Outdoor

Power Supply: 230v - 50Hz

Power Consumption: 12 Watts

Temperature Range: -10deg C to + 50deg C

Radio Frequency: 433.92 Mhz

Additional Characteristics

The control box is equipped with an automatic fuse, which cuts the circuit when the following types of malfunction are detected

Cable break / Short Circuit

Overheating of the system

Power Supply over Voltage

Power Consumption is too High

During a period of inactivity or Power Loss, the Receiver will automatically start up with the last function

Identification Code (ID)

Each box has an individual frequency code for filtering radio messages. Only the message with the correct identification code will be executed.

Functions of the Key Fob

Using the FX900 control box with the remote key fob allows the creation of many effects (subject to the lamps specified above) The maximum range assuming fully charged batteries and no physical obstructions is 50m

Effects include

On & Off

Intensity Steady & Variation of Light Intensity

Flashing Effects

Saga Progressive Effects

Option Scrolling Function





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