240v Arctic Grade Festoon Harness c/w 40w RETRO Long Life Lamps 1m Spacing

240v Arctic Grade Festoon Harness c/w 40w RETRO Long Life Lamps 1m Spacing - Buy Online



Built to our own specification here in the UK.

Manufactured from quality materials and incorporating ultrasonically welded ES weatherproof lamp sockets onto black arctic cable, built to the same specification as our 2330 series. This version is made specifically for use with our 40w Retro lamps which offer an amazing visual appearance of the traditional squirrel cage lamps but at a fraction of the cost.
Although we have listed a choice of standard models you can ask for your own adaptations based on the standard models, for instance you may require a longer lead in, this is the distance from the plug to the first lamp. You may require varied spacing all these options are available, just give us a ring.
For the full specification of this product please refer to our 2330 series harness.
The lengths and options available are based on using and including 40w RETRO nostalgic looking long life lamps.
All standard length options include a 2.5m lead in (distance from plug to the first lamp)We have offered standard options with lamp spacing at 1m intervals, this can be reduced but may reduce the number of lamps and length of harness, please contact us should you require any help or assistance regarding this.
Examples of standard optionsLead in is fitted as standard with a 13amp fused plug, C form 16amp plugs are also available on request.


  • 12.5m Harness, Lead in 2.5m, 11 lamps spaced at 1m intervals
  • 22.5m Harness, Lead in 2.5m, 21 lamps spaced at 1m intervals
  • 32.5m Harness, Lead in 2.5m, 31 lamps spaced at 1m intervals
  • 42.5m Harness, Lead in 2.5m, 41 lamps spaced at 1m intervals
  • 52.5m Harness, Lead in 2.5m, 51 lamps spaced at 1m interval

Replacement Lamp Reference: 691-040

Product Code2330ESRETRO