This outdoor timer socket is an ideal option for use when you are using outdoor garden lighting using a standard 13amp 3pin plug, including Easy Connect 240w garden lights, Plug & Play 12v garden lights and our range of Arctic grade festoon lighting.t when using.

The 3amp Timer Socket is prewired with a photocell (Dusk to Dawn). This offers an ideal solution to control your outdoor garden lighting. Ensure that all the lights are connected to the socket the will switch on at dusk and turn off at a time decided by you.

Just set the timer to come on between a daylight house and switch off when you require say 11pm.

The socket will not become live until the photcell activates at dusk and will be switched off by the timer.


Technical Data

Power Supply: 220-240v 50Hz

Max Wattage: 700w

Capacity: 3amps

Protection: IP44

Sensor: Photocell (Dusk to Dawn)

Timer: 24 Hour ( Timer & Permanent On/Off )

Product CodeLW-PC1