Bronze Golden Eagle Ornament

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Bronze Eagle Garden Ornament
An absolutely magnificent and extraordinary life size example of this magnificent bird with a wing span of 2.0 metres (6' 6") and a height of 3.2 metres (10' 6"). Created and manufactured with qualities quite unsurpassed.
It is supplied with its own unique bronze pedestal of exceptional quality as shown in the photograph.
The stone pedestal also illustrated is the Grosvenor pedestal with Cartouche (Reference P705Series), it is available in Portland, Cotswold or Bath stone. Height is 1.62m width is 0.66m this priced separately.

The wonderful bronze statue will be at home in the most prestigious of sites and situations, availability for time of order is approximately three to six weeks.

Prices shown are for ex-factory collection, please contact us for delivery quotation.

Product CodeGASB506