Marble Bacchus Garden Statue

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Created and manufactured in Castcarrara® Marble

This exquisite Marble Garden Statue of Bacchus shows a pretty Youth whose wary hair is adorned with a garlands of ivy and fruit. The Statue holds his drinking bowl aloft in his left hand and is accompanied by a young Faun, which is half human and half goat, carrying a bunch of grapes on its head.

Bacchus was the God of Wine and merriment. He was the youngest of the Olympians and the only god to have a mortal mother.

The Marble Bacchus Statue stands 2000 mm high on his pedestal and is also available as a Bronze Statue and a Garden Fountain Centrepiece.

Please allow 3/6 weeks for production.

Prices shown are for ex-factory collection, please contact us for delivery quotation.

Product CodeGSM420