240v Arctic Grade Festoon Harness Bespoke: Made To Measure

240v Arctic Grade Festoon Harness Bespoke: Made To Measure - Buy Online



This category of Festoon Harnesses is suitable for the decorative and functional illumination of structures such as Gazebo's, Buildings and Facades, or just normal festoon usage but when specific lengths and lamp spacings are required. We offer help and advice with these options if required, you can give us a ring, email us or complete the online inquiry form.

Our UK manufactured outdoor Arctic Grade festoon harnesses are available from the Garden Lighting Shop made to suit and fit your individual requirement. You may simply require a single lamp holder fitted on to a 20m long cable with a 13amp plug on the end or perhaps 330 lamp holders fitted to a 100m long festoon harness we can accommodate most requirements.

Arctic grade festoon harnesses can be manufactured in a single piece up to 100m in length, the cable is manufactured using a tough 2.5mm black PVC cable. Lamp holders are manufactured from polycarbonate and are secured to the cable using thermo techniques and are available in BC (B22) or ES (E27) options. The lamp holders can be applied onto the cable from 200mm spacings up to whatever you require depending on the nature and requirement of the installation. The lamp holders themselves have two lugs which can be used to secure to soffits and structures, the lugs are also suitable for tie wrapping to support cables, etc.

As the bespoke festoon are all a little different we have to supply you with a quotation to manufacture and supply. To offer this quotation we will require the following information.

  • Type of Plug if required: (13amp standard plug, 16amp round plug or none for hard-wiring)
  • Total Length of Harness: (including the lead in, lead-out, length required with lamps)
  • Length of Cable from plug to the 1st lamp holder (lead-in):
  • Length of Cable with lamps, from the first lamp holder:
  • The distance required between each lamp holder:
  • Type of Lamp holder (BC or ES):
  • Length of cable after the last lamp holder (lead-out) if required:

Lamp holder positions can also be provided at different spacing on a single festoon, for instance, you may require a number of lamp holders set at a particular spacing and you may then require a gap of a particular distance and then lamp holders applied further along the festoon. If you require a festoon harness incorporating gaps and varied lamp holder position we will require a drawing showing the detail if you require help with this please contact our sales office.

If you require a bespoke festoon harness quotation, please complete the details required on the downloadable form and email to sales@thegardenlightingshop.co.uk

All lamp holders are fitted with silicon rubber seals, these must be employed when using the festoon outdoors, you should always ensure that the lamps hang in a downwards position and that the cable is also supported by nylon rope, wires or a structure.

Power supply connection, we can pre-fit the festoon harness with 13amp plugs, 16amp C Form plugs or simply provide the harness without plugs if you are to hardwire the harness.

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