Easy Connect - How It Works

Easy Connect Lighting - How It Works
Easy Connect - How It Works 1

Here at The Garden Lighting Shop we are delighted to offer to you the Easy Connect garden and landscape lighting range.

Easy Connect is a complete professional garden lighting system that can be installed by any competent person. The system can be simply plugged in to a standard 13amp socket either indoors or outdoors enabling you to create a stunning and highly efficient garden lighting scheme in your gardens, patios and decking areas. Just take a minute or two to read below the benefits and features of the system, if you require any help with your design then give us a call​.

Easy Connect Safe and Simple

The Easy Connect lighting system includes a comprehensive and versatile range of connectable cables and connector accessories which also include wireless operated dimming and switching devices.

These products are safe, quick, simple to install and operate utilizing a quality range of double insulated light fittings.

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Easy Connect Basic Installation

Installation can be made using a standard 13amp socket or hard wired into an appropriate circuit. Extension cables, connectors and light fittings are joined together without the need for any special tools just push and twist, when connected a protection rating of IP67 is achieved.

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The varied choice of cables and connectors offer you the opportunity to design the most detailed circuits with absolute ease. Any circuit can be extended or changed simply and easily. A single circuit can reach 300m in length or a total of 3600watts. We always recommend that an MCB device is incorporated for that added protection.

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Easy Connect Wireless Control Made Simple

Once you have installed your Easy Connect circuit it is so simple to add either a Remote switching or a Remote Dimming device, This is made easy when using the Easy Connect control box or the remote switching and dimming control box.

The basic control box is operated with remote switches or wall mounted movement sensor whilst the dimming control box is supplied with its own remote control fob.

Both of these control boxes are installed into the circuit between the power supply and the first light or power outlet on each circuit, multiple installations can be made.

Each control box is equipped with an automatic fuse 10A (2500W) this safely switches off the circuit in the event of any malfunctions.

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Easy Connect Light Fittings

A comprehensive range of quality built double insulated light fittings are incorporated within the Easy Connect garden landscape lighting range. Fixtures for installation into decks, onto patio and driveways, low level ground spike mounted lights for use in planted areas, pathway and area lights. Take a look at the Easy Connect inspiration photographs to see dramatic visual effects that can be created. Other none Easy Connect light fittings can also be incorporated into your lighting scheme if required using the special product connector adapter (fig A) part code 66020, please note that any fittings added to this range must be Class II double insulated (No Earth).

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Energy Saving High Performance Lamps

Almost all Easy Connect light fittings are supplied complete with replaceable energy saving Halogen or high performance LED lamps.

All fittings will operate with the alternative LED lamps which are specifically manufactured for Easy Connect.

E27 JDD tubular lamps, GU10 4W LED MR 20 63mm diameter and GU10 8W LED MR30 95mm in diameter are used predominately throughout the range, all of these lamps including the coloured options operate with the wireless dimming control unit.

Underground installation

Should you want to completely bury the cable circuit we supply a complete range of equipment and accessories to satisfy this application, these include protective tubing with safety warning net cases for enclosing the connectors and providing service entries.

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