12V 50W Transformer

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This 12v a/c waterproof transformer is for use with 12v garden lights with a maximum overall wattage of 50w. The transformer is fitted to a 13amp 3 pin UK plug attached to a 1m long three core rubber waterproof cable. Once the transformer is connected to a 240v AC mains supply it converts the current to 12v AC output. Each transformer is supplied with a 0.6m 2 core cable which is fitted with a 2 pin system plug which connects to the transformer, this is used to connect the transformer to your circuit.
It is important to note that you must not exceed the wattage output capability, simply add up the total wattage of the lamps used which should equal or be slightly less than the output of the transformer. Equally important is not to under run the transformers output, transformers should be loaded to at least 70% of its output capability, for example a 20w transformer should power lamps at least 14 watts.

  • Input: 230v -240v – 50Hz
  • Output: 12v AC 4160mA 50VA
  • Wattage: 50watt
  • Input Cable: 3 core rubber waterproof 1m with 3pin UK Plug
  • Output Cable: 2 core rubber waterproof 0.6m (detachable)
  • IP Rating: IP68 suitable for outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 62mmW x 92mmL x 70mmH
  • Fixing Centres:48mmW x 82mm L
  • Compatibility: Most AC and LED Lamps
  • Guarantee: 2Years
  • Thermal cut out
  • Optimal Working Temperature: 0 -25˚C
  • CE Certified
  • BS EN61558
  • Important: One transformer per circuit- do not exceed maximum wattage


Product CodeLTR50