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This inline cable connector is a very neat, simple and compact solution for joining two lengths of cable to make one long cable run. In theory, it is a single way junction box. It is perfect for use with 12V lighting systems range as well as mains, making wiring quick and easy. Rated IP68, this in-line connector creates a waterproof seal which is suitable for outdoor use, particularly with garden lighting. It is suitable for use with cable with an overall outer sheath diameter of 5-9mm (commonly known as 0.75mm rubber cable).

The cable passes through a silicone seal and is clamped in place by the tightened M16 cable glands at each end. As a result, it created a fully waterproof connection (IP68). This Tubecon thermoplastic, shatter-resistant connector houses a removable 3-way terminal block. Therefore, wiring of 240v fittings (3 core) is easy with plenty of room for cables and connections. Alternatively, if wiring 12v fittings (2 core) simply use only the Live and Neutral terminals. The terminal block is the perfect solution to connect two lengths of 0.75mm cable .

Product CodeTUBECON59