Wiska 10 Way Junction Box

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This 10 way junction box is used for joining multiple cables when installing your choice of garden lights. The box will accept 10 cables with 7 cable inlets with self sealing membranes located around the side of the box, a further 3 inlets are location on the base.
Each inlet has a clamping arrangement of 5-17mm which seals the cable in place preventing water from entering into the box. M20 cable glands can also be used and are recommended for a more secure connection via the 7 side inlets, which increases the IP rating, physically clamping the cable in place. A removable 5 way terminal block is housed within the polypropylene reinforced glass fibre casing for ease of wiring, which also has a bellied cover for further room inside the combi box. Fix in place via the internally located openings in each corner, outside of the sealing area.

  • Voltage: <690>
  • Cable Inlets: 10 (side – 7, base – 3)
  • Terminals/ Poles: 5 (removable terminal block)
  • IP Rating: IP66/67 (waterproof)
  • Dimension: 110 x 110 x 66mm
  • Options: M20 Cable Glands (optional)
  • Impact Resistant / Shatter Proof
  • Built-in quick release lid screws (plastic – rust free)
  • Simple solution for wiring up to 9 fittings


Product CodeLLJBX10