Easy Connect Atelier Classic Extendable Festoon Range



Atelier Classic extendable festoon harnesses are available in four different lengths each with a varied number of ES (E27)lamp holders in a conventional linear formation. When fitted together the harnesses offer equally spaced lamp holders at 0.5m. Shades can be used with the Classic harness.

Please note that lamps and shades are to be ordered separately.

Classic harnesses are available in a number of lengths each with varied lamp holders, please see below, your choice of festoon can be ordered using the drop-down box.

0.5m - 1 Lamp Holder

1.5m - 3 Lamp Holders

3.0m - 6 Lamp Holders

6.0m - 12 Lamp Holders

12.0m - 24 Lamp Holders 2 x 6

18.0m - 36 Lamp Holders 3 x 6

24.0m - 48 Lamp Holders 4 x 6

30.0m - 60 Lamp Holders 5 x 6

36.0m - 72 Lamp Holders 6 x 6

42.0m - 84 Lamp Holders 7 x 6

48.0m - 96 Lamp Holders 8 x 6

96.0m - 192 Lamp Holders 16 x 6


Please note that these festoon harnesses can be joined together to a maximum total length of 300m when using a standard 13amp power supply.
You will require a start cable from the Easy Connect lighting range to provide power to your harness circuit. (Model 66002)
Should you want to increase the distance from your power supply to the first lamp then just choose an appropriate ex cable from the Easy Connect cable range.
Many original and personal designs can be achieved using the various extension cable and connectors from the accessory range, please contact us should you require any help with your design.

Product Code500 Series