Traditional Lamp Post & Bracket Lighting

Some of the finest cast iron lighting columns and brackets you will find anywhere in the world today

Tradition with Quality. these products are manufactured to please and designed and built to last.

For over 40years I have been involved in the supply of lighting and works of art manufactured by GHM, I have supplied there products to many cities, towns, companies and private individuals all over the UK. The city of Chester and the surrounding county was one of the first projects I carried out in the UK over 44 years ago, Columns, brackets and lanterns around the Town Hall, the Station and the Rows can still be seen working today as good as new. Many overseas projects have been completed in the Middle East and the Far East. Even the Ice Museum in Asahikawa in Japan, Disney Land the list is endless. The Product range is simply quite unsurpassed for the quality of strength, design and finish. Each piece is treated with a special metallization process to protect against corrosion before finished in a high-quality stove applied thermosetting paint process.

If there is insufficient information within our individual product pages please contact me so that I can provide you with any additional information or detail that you require. With two centuries of tradition at your service, GHM can offer you all that is required to add prestige and nostalgia to your homes, public buildings, parks, and gardens. You will find to follow just a selection of many of the more popular lighting columns, brackets and lanterns that are available, over 40 varied styles and combinations are available and I would be pleased to discuss options that are available.