Flore Fountains

The warmth of a meeting, the coolness of the surroundings…

Flore contemporary fountains bring pleasant beauty and stimulate all the senses. They encourage encounters and conviviality, they amuse, congregate and relax.
To complete this programme of decorative or drinking fountains, GHM proposes a wide range of productions and installations:
- appearance, size, materials
- operation: for harsh weather conditions, a non-freezable system with automatic drainage when shutting down, or electrically coupled to an anemometer
- illumination: several possibilities of highlighting using built-in spotlights.
Delicately the following relief, expressing fine details, lending its plasticity to famous designers, cast iron is a must-have solution.

Grey or ductile cast iron, and bronze.

Our Flore fountain range is manufactured to order. Please check with us for current availability or manufacturing times, all prices displayed are Ex-Factory. A quotation to deliver is available on request and is dependent on the actual delivery address and the items required. Please contact us by telephone or email.