Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting come in a variety of lengths and styles. They offer a quick, economical and effective solution to providing decorative, atmospheric, or practical lighting to events.

Using our high specifications for outdoor festoon lighting, we have a wide choice of lamp options is available and offered throughout our range. This includes traditional incandescent and retro lamps to the more sophisticated, economically-run LED lamps. Generally speaking, traditional incandescent lamps offer a brighter option in comparison to LED lamps. However, if it is just atmospheric lighting you are looking for then the economical festoon LED lamps will provide the ideal ambience that you are looking for.

Festoon Harnesses
Our 240v mains-operated garden festoon lights are manufactured from either 1.5mm Rubber or 2.5mm Arctic grade PVC cables. In most cases these are stronger and more robust than party light strings. They can be considered for both domestic and commercial applications such as the illumination of marquees, buildings, gazebos, festive displays and larger Christmas trees. Equally they make great outdoor festoon party lights and in many cases can be utilized for permanent installation. Our festoon harnesses can be used with either incandescent or LED lamps.

If you require help or assistance with our indoor and outdoor lighting products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to help.