Easy Connect Deck Lights

Easy Connect Deck & Ground Lights

Want the very best in all-weather outdoor LED deck lights, then think Easy Connect. This superb versatile range of lights is available in a choice of colours and sizes. No transformer is required this quality 240v double insulated outdoor lights provide all you require to produce the most personalized dramatic deck light display that is available simply and easily. The Easy Connect Deck lighting system can be extended or altered quickly with easily using the extensive range of cables and adaptors that are available within the range. You do not have to be a qualified electrician to install this equipment, up to 3600w can be connected together up to distances of 300mm from a standard domestic power socket. Wireless on and off switching is also available confirming that Easy Connect Deck lights are perhaps the number one contender.

It is advised that when using these low wattage mains deck lights that an anti-surge device is connected to the circuit. This will illuminate any malfunction and damage caused by power surges and spikes to the lights