Luxrox 240v Rock Lights

The unique LUXROX Rock Lights are ornamentally attractive, as well as providing practical use. Throughout the day, they naturally blend in with garden surroundings, especially gravel pathways and rockeries; at night they glow beautifully and also act as “Waymarkers”. The rocks themselves are made from fibre glass so are extremely durable.

There are 3 different convincing ‘rock-like’ finishes available: Slate Grey, Sandstone and White Granite, and are available in 4 different sizes for any size garden. Like any natural rock, the shape is varied and realistic.

The 240v mains and 12v VERSA Plug & Play options feature replaceable LED lamps, ensuring long life, choice of light colour and low running costs. A subtle way of adding those finishing touches to any garden design – day or night.