Classical and Contemporary Fountains for gardens, parks.

This range of Fountains includes self-contained models complete with a pump and their own pool surround or basins, these models are suitable for the smaller garden courtyard or patio. Larger magnificent centrepiece fountains manufactured in stone and bronze for installation into Ponds and pools within the garden, suitable from the most modest to a grand estate. If you are looking for a fountain, you will be sure to find what you are looking for within our range, all you require is a little imagination. A fantastic range of pool surrounds is also available.

Create that perfect solution within your garden and patio. The marriage between a beautiful Fountain and architectural features sets the mood of light and shade, movement and sound. As a focal point, a Fountain cannot be dismissed, it offers the perfect solution.

The majority of our Cascading and Contemporary fountains are manufactured to order. Prices are available on request for the cast iron models and are dependant on the final specifications which includes or excludes the hydraulic equipment.

Excluding the stone and bronze fountains, these quality products are treated with a special metallisation process which protects against rust and corrosion prior to the final decorative and protective finishes which are stove applied to provide a high quality visually attractive and protective finish.

A well designed and carefully situated fountain will enhance the tiniest of gardens, creating different moods, tranquil and relaxing with still ponds and formal pool surrounds, alive and vibrant with sparkling and rushing cascades. Whatever you desire we can offer you the correct choice for integration into your water feature scheme to create the optimum effect.

The use of a Garden Fountain in conjunction with other garden ornaments also allows for the introduction of both plant life and fish. Pools and water gardens can be stocked with lush vegetation not appropriate to other plant habitats and careful planting at the water's edge can create the impression of a larger space.